Connections Academy® is a tuition-free, online public school serving thousands of students across the United States.
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Students use our learning portal, Pearson Online Classroom, to work through lessons at their own pace and on their own schedule.

  • Students can spend more time on topics that challenge them.
  • Teachers specially-trained in online instruction are available to offer ongoing support and guidance.



In addition to asynchronous learning, students regularly participate in LiveLesson sessions where teachers reinforce key concepts and motivate students to become active learners. 

  • Students actively participate in activities, ask questions, and collaborate with peers through microphone and chat.
  • With many schools, students can access recordings of LiveLesson sessions at a time that works best for them if flexibility is most important to your family.


Our flexible learning schedule is designed to help students become passionate, well-rounded individuals. 

  • Students have greater autonomy to decide when to complete their lessons.
  • Students are encouraged to explore their own interests by joining one of our virtual clubs or activities, participating in optional in-person field trips, or by exploring extracurricular activities in their community.
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How K-12 Students Learn with Our Online Program

One of the major benefits of online learning is the ability to set a schedule that works for your whole family. We make it possible for all kinds of students to succeed in school and move closer to their biggest goals for the future, no matter where they are now. 

Details depend on your student’s grade level, but a typical day learning with Connections Academy includes attending LiveLesson sessions and independent worktime, as well as opportunities to pursue other interests or extracurricular activities. 

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What's the Role of a Learning Coach?

As your child’s Learning Coach, you have a unique opportunity to play a direct role in their academic journey. Learning Coaches are typically responsible for structuring their child’s school day, providing one-on-one support with learning activities and staying connected with teachers. 

At Connections Academy, we offer Learning Coaches a wide variety of resources, guidance and tools. The level of your involvement will vary depending on your child’s age, specific needs, and ability to work independently. 

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